Mini archeologists

What an amazing afternoon!
We learnt so much about the Stone Age this afternoon, we now know that there were three periods in the Stone Age, the old Stone Age, the middle Stone Age (Mesolithic) and the New Stone Age and we can explain what makes each period different.
The best part of the afternoon was when we put on our archeologists jackets and began to dig in the trenches, we found lots of interesting things including shells, flint and even a lambs skull. We used the clues in the box to decide which period of the Stone Age our discoveries were from.
Thank you very much to Dr Catherine for helping us learn about the Stone Age in such an interesting way.



Mini archeologists

We are learning to be archeologists! Dr Catherine is training us and to start with we’ve had to learn how to put clues together to find out who a person might have been and what they might have liked to have done.





Mirror mirror

We practiced a new mindfulness game today and we really loved it, it’s a game that an be practiced at home too!
Work with a partner and choose 1 person to be leader and one to be the mirror. Hold your palms out facing each other, as close together as possible but without touching. The leader then begins to move their hands slowly and the partner has to mirror their movements. The leader can move their hands in any direction they like, using any movements and the partner has to pay attention to the movements of their hands and mirror what they are doing.


What did cavemen eat?

As part if our theme ‘watch out for the mammoths’ we have been learning about what the caveman diet was like and how they hunted for food. First we had to sort the food using a Venn diagram and compare it to our own modern diets. We were all shocked that cavemen used to eat every part of the animals they caught, even the eyeballs!

After we had learnt about the caveman diet we wrote an information text about it. Morgan did an amazing job and including lots of facts and even a picture of a saber tooth tiger! When you see her don’t forget to ask her about what they used to eat in the Stone Age.

Learn it’s

This is our last week of our current learn its.
Make sure you keep practicing them at home so they stay fresh in your memory.
1 x 3 = 3
2 x 3 = 6
3 x 3 = 9
4 x 3 = 12
5 x 3 = 15

Can you give the division facts that go with our learn it’s?


The year 3’s have started practicing mindfulness in class everyday to help us keep clear and calm minds. We are really excited about this project and can’t wait to see what positive effect it has on our learning. This story might help you understand a bit more about what mindfulness means.

Once there was a man who had a daughter called Alice. She was five years old. Alice’s Dad used to practice mindfulness in the evenings. When it was time for the man to practice mindfulness Alice had to go to sleep.

One day Alice was playing with some friends outside. It was really hot and they were thirsty, so they asked Alice’s Dad for a drink. Alice’s Dad gave her and her friends a glass of apple juice each. Alice’s glass was the last to be poured so it had lots of bits in it. Alice didn’t want to drink it because all the bits were floating around, so she left it on the table and went out to play again. About an hour later, she came back in and was very thirsty. So she asked her Dad for a drink. Alice’s Dad pointed at her glass of apple juice and asked “Why don’t you drink that? It’s very delicious.” Alice looked at the apple juice on the table and saw that it was clear, because after an hour all the bits had sunk to the bottom. SHe was happy to drink it.

Alice asked her Dad why the apple juice had become clear and he told her that it had been practicing mindfulness for an hour. Because the glass was left for one hour, it had kept still and become clear and calm. Alice said “now I understand why you practice mindfulness every evening – you want to be clear and calm. Her Dad said “Yes, you understand what mindfulness means. If you know how to sit, and you know how to pay attention to your breathing, then after some time you will become calm and clear.”

So we are like the glass of apple juice. Sometimes all of our thoughts and feelings can be jumbled up like the bits of  juice. When we practice mindfulness, we become still and all the thoughts and feelings can settle down.