Did you know there are 5 different causes of erosion?
Well year 3s can now tell you what erosion is and that wind, water, sea, glaciers and soil can cause it. We did an experiment to investigate the effects of erosion and then followed this up with some research on the different types.
Once again we were thrilled with the way the children worked in groups for the investigation and then used the information given to them to answer questions.


We’re excited about doing even more research on the effects of soil erosion next week!

Geology rocks!

What a fantastic morning we had, we really were young geologists today.
We looked at a range of different rocks and used the clues to decide whether they were sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.
The conversations that were happening in the classroom were very impressive and it was lovely hearing the children describing and comparing the rocks using the some of the vocabulary we have learnt.
I wonder what we will find out next?





Young geologists

What a fantastic day we have had at Weston Park museum! Went on a rock and fossil hunt with the tasks to find out what the different types of rock were, how they were formed and where we might find fossils.
We now know the differences between metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks and we can give examples of each rock type!
So many of the children did fantastic listening and despite the excitement of the museum they remained focused on their learning!
Stay tuned for more of our learning on rocks, fossils and soil over the next few weeks now that we have become young geologists!


anti bullying week

In school this week and across the country we have had anti bullying week.
In Miss Delaney’s class we had a circle time and we received letter from a girl asking for help because she was being bullied. Here is some of the advice we gave her:
Be brave, Just tell the teacher and don’t be afraid
If you are afraid get another person to go with you to talk to the teacher
Tell the headteacher
Walk away and play with some on else who is kind, helpful and gentle to play with
Turn away from her
Pretend that she’s not there
The teacher will sort it out
Stay near an adult if you can
Ask your mum to talk to the teachers

We were so impressed with how thoughtful and considerate the children were being during circle time. It’s wonderful having such a kind and caring class.

The Nut Tree

It has been such a joy listening to the children’s performance of their home learning poem. We were so impressed with the way they have learnt the poem and included actions in the poem. Thank you to all the parents who hVe helped the children learn the poem.
Here is the poem so they can keep practising

The Nut Tree by Julia Donaldson

Small, brown, hard, round
The nut is lying underground

Now a shoot begins to show
Now the shoot begins to grow

Tall, taller, tall as can be
The shoot is growing into a tree

The branches grow, and stretch and spread
Wig twigs and leaves above your head

And on a windy Autumn day
The nut tree bends and branches sway

Leaves fly off and whirl around
And nuts go tumbling to the ground

Small, brown, hard, round

Room on the Broom by Dina

Once there was a witch who had a very very tall hat also she had a cat. As they sat on the broomstick and flew threw the wind. I like this boom because it is very interesting and very silly and funny. Also shall I tell you why I really really love this book? I love this books because it’s got some alliteration and a lot of funny words like iggity ziggity zoggity zoom!


We have been learning how to say the name of colours in Spanish today! The whole year did a fantastic job but a special mention goes to Bilal, Brandon and Zewer for their fantastic pronunciation! (Sorry boys I can’t upload the video, I’ll keep working on it)

New half term

We hope you have all had a lovely half term holiday and are now feeling ready for another fun half term packed full of new learning. Wee are sure after the success of last half term are brains are going to grow loads of the next seven weeks!
W will be continuing with the work we have begun on the Stone Age with a focus on the different rock types and how they are formed. We are going to be writing lots of interesting non-fiction texts as well as looking at writing our own poem later in the term. We will of course being doing maths every day and having our beat that tests on Fridays.