We have learnt the difference between right, acute and obtuse angles today and enjoyed spotting them around the classroom. We have to work as pairs and put the right colour label on the angles we found around the room as well as explaining how we knew that we were right.
We are looking forward to identifying them in lots of different shapes tomorrow and some of us will start measuring angles with protractors.







Fantastic writing

For big writing this week we have written diary entries as if we were a Bronze Age villager. Everyone did a fantastic job and really worked hard to include the different features from the writing checklist.
Here is Bilal’s diary entry.


Creswell Crags

What a fantastic day we had at Creswell Crags! We learnt so much about the Stone Age and we’re now using all of this information  to compare the Bronze Age and the Stone Age. While we were there we went on a dig for fossils and guessed what animal it would have been from, learnt survival skills and ‘hunted for deer’ (Miss Delaney’s group won by hitting 20 deer, 11 more than the other groups!) and went into a cave to see where the tribes would have lived! It was amazing and all the children were an absolute credit to the school, the guides commented on  how well behaved and polite they were.