Egyptian Day

Over the past two days, both the Y3 classes have been and enjoyed a fantastic day at Weston Park learning all about the afterlife and how to embalm a mummy!

The children were very curious and asked some great questions about Ancient Egypt, mummies and all the artefacts they saw. They found it interesting to know the mummies were x-rayed to see if they contained real bodies.They really enjoyed seeing how they used to remove all the organs to place in canopic jars!!

DSCF9747 DSCF9757 DSCF9773

The children had to be really careful when holding the artefacts as some of them are thousands of years old!


Learning together

As part of our art project to create Egyptian headwear we have been learning about what different colours meant to Egyptians and creating our own colour palates. The class had to woke with their talk partner to mix colours to the right shade and I was especially impressed with the way Zewer and Morgan were working together; they were sharing ideas, asking each other’s opinions and being really positive and polite! When an entire water pot got spilt the were even the first to dash to the back to get paper towels to help their table clear up! Well done you two!