Electricity Day

In Year 3, we have had a day looking at circuits. We started the day by creating a simple circuit which we then had to write instructions for. We let our partner check the instructions to see if they would work.

We then looked at investigating how adding more bulbs or batteries would affect the brightness of the light. The children came up with some great prediction and reflected on these before they made their next prediction.

Finally, we look at what is a insulator and what is a conductor. The children tested different object from around the classroom to see what they were. Again, we have had some great conclusion about why some materials conduct electricity and what those materials are.

DSCF9806 DSCF9807

We have put some of our work on display in Y3HM and Y3JD for you to see what we have been learning.







Job interviews

This week have been looking at careers that we might want when we are older. After an exciting assembly on Tuesday, when we heard from police officers, an ambulance lady and poet, we thought about what we could be.

The children complete a quiz to find out a range of jobs that might be suitable for each of us.
Some of the jobs were animal behaviourist, electrician, car mechanic, police officers, healthcare assistant, coastguard and teacher!

This afternoon, we have been using a job specification to create good interviews questions. We then interviewed some candidates and decided which one was more suited for the job.

Here is an example of a for a teacher:

Are you good at getting up early in the morning?

Candidate 1: Yes, I am a morning person

Candidate 2: No, I can be very grumpy.