Live blog number 2!

There has been some super learning in year 3 today! 

The children have had a tricky two step problems for maths. First they needed to use a ruler correctly to measure the length of bones. Then they had to add two lengths together. 

Here is them working hard!  


Super writing!

Live blogging in Y3HM! 

All the children are focussed on writing their diary entry as they are a caveman! The children are using the writing checklists to ensure they are using all the features such  as time connectives, 2A sentence and more! 


Guided reading

Each guided reading group have 2 sessions a week in class and today’s session with gold group was amazing! We are working on discussing the thoughts of characters from the book ‘My little sister Doris’ and the group did a great job of thinking of the thoughts and explaining their ideas. A lot of progress has a already been made from the sessions last week! 

  Try discussing the thoughts of the characters in your books at home as well!


We are learning to use scratch this half term, a computer game were you can programme your own interactve story. Today the class were given the task of creating a conversation with the sprite and lots of talk partners did a fantastic job. We are going to continue building up our skills over the half term to build up their own great stories. 



We had our first spelling test of he term on Friday. We chose 10 words from the spelling list and put them into sentences. Extra points were scored for spelling previously learnt tricky words correctly, putting apostrophes into contracted words and remembering full stops and capital letters in the right places.

Congratulations to Elise who scored 20/20 this week!

The new spelling list has been put into the learning journals. 


Amazing writing

This week we have watched a video called Egghunt about two cavemen on the hunt for eggs! We used this to inspire our writing about there journey and the conversation they might have had. We have focused on using inverted commas and there have been big improvements over the week! 

A huge well done to Isabella and Mckenzie who got their handwriting stamp of approval today as well! I’m sure there will be lots more over the term! 



Welcome to Y3!

It is the end of our first week in Year 3. The children have all been fantastic this week and settled well. Miss Delaney and I have been impressed with the quality of learning so far!

Your child should have brought home their home learning today and learning journal with this week’s spellings.

Don’t forget our parents’ meeting, on Thursday 10th September at 9am, where we will share some information and answer any questions you have about Year 3.

Miss Mallinson