Creswell Crags

Well, the Year 3 have had an exciting day at Creswell Crags and we were all very tired at the end!

The children learnt all about the Stone age with a range of experiences. We went digging for bones and saw a real woolly mammoth tooth. Also we practised our survial skills to see if we could have survived in the Stone Age. The children had to build a shelter, ‘kill’ some reindeer by throwing spears and make a fire. Finally, we ventured into a cave and learnt about the tools they would have need to complete daily tasks. In the Lion tribe, we were even lucky enough to spot a bat in a cave!!

Come back next week to see some fantastic writing the Year 3 will be doing about all this!

DSCF9912 DSCF9914 DSCF9925 DSCF9931 DSCF9961 DSCF9968 DSCF9980

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