Live blog – Maths

This afternoon, the Year 3 are completing a Maths challenge where they need to budget an day out in Sydney!

The children are having to follow a strict criteria to ensure they visit the correct number of place and don’t spend too many Australian dollars.


The children enjoyed the challenge of this and we had a range of different prices for the day with AU$21 being the cheapest in Y3HM.



In Y3HM, Leighton and Rihanna managed to complete the extension and make their day cost AU $50.

Busy afternoon!

The y3s had their creative heads on yesterday. In the afternoon we used art straws to create models of different 3D shapes. 

The children had to work on their measuring skills to ensure all pieces were the same length. The children were learning together and solve problems throughout.

There are  some great examples in class that you can come and see from hexagonal prisms to square based pyramids.



Busy morning


 What a busy morning in year 3. We have been making our Bronze Age hammer models this morning following the plan we made yesterday. We were all working on at our own pace but we were so focused and worked to keep improving even when things went wrong. Most of us got on to  writing our first draft of the instructions with a diagram. Throughout the lesson we were getting advice from others in the class and received critiques. It was a great morning of super learning and teamwor