Sharing home learning projects

Home learning has been amazing! We are so thrilled with the projects that have been handed in and it’s amazing watching the children sharing what they have done!

It’s lovely listening to the presentations and hearing the questions the children have got about what they are saying!

Thank you to all the families who have supported in this project and helped with the redrafting of work. 


Live blog! 

In Year 3 we have spend this half term research about Australia and different aspects of it such as landmarks and animals. 

Here is a picture showing how focused they are coping their learning up as a final white gold piece. It is now silent learning in both classes and they look so proud. We are excited to complete our travel guides to share with you all! 


Live blog – Art

This week, we have been looking at ‘How the birds got his colours’ which is an aboriginal tale from Australia. 

Yesterday afternoon we sketched the rainbow lorikeet bird and today we are focussing on painting using cotton buds. 

The children are taking so much care and attention to complete this.




Giving critique

We’re in the middle of an art lesson and practicing our critiquing skills! We’re drawing pictures of Lorikeet’s, a bird from a familiar dreamtime story, and after each draft we’re giving each other advice on how it can be made better!