This afternoon we continued with our work on sketching pyramids. After last weeks successful sketching lesson we moved onto using watercolours. The children were really careful and proud of thier learning.

Special visitor

In Year 3 we have had a special visitor in today to teach us about light. 

It started by use wowing ‘Mr B two!’ with all the facts we know about light including what the sun is, the moon is not a light and shadows. 

He taught us about the speed of light and how far away the sun is. Did you know it takes 8 minutes for the light to travel from the sun! 

Did you know the first picture ever was of a roof?

Impressive concentration!

Last week we were constructing card pyramids this week we’re sketching 3d pictures of pyramids in an Egyptian scene! The amount of concentration that the class are putting into this work is incredible! They are so focussed and keen to keep redrafting until they are happy! What amazing learners 



Here are some of the final draft – even Miss Kirby was impressed with them. 

Mental maths 

A particular well done to Jed who has impressed me so much recently with his mental maths skills and was especially dazzling today when calculating the perimeter of the shape! 


Wednesday maths

And here are a couple of the finished products! We were really impressed with the way the classes made links with what we have been doing in big maths too to calculate the perimeters as well as the fantastic team work shown!  


Live Maths blog!

On Wednesday afternoons we have been learning about angles, measuring and parallel and perpendicular lines. The children have tried so hard so to apply these skills they were given the challenge to make a square based pyramid. 

Here are some pictures from the making of them – 


In Year 3 we have been reading the story of the Egyptian Cinderella. 

We have discussed how this version compares to the traditional Cinderella story we know. 

The children have drawn story map to help them rerelease all the key parts. Here are some examples.  


Today they have used thier story map to use drama to retell the story. This is going to be used to enhance the punctuation in thier writing tomorrow. 



Posters are up

After all our hardwork our posters have started to go up encouraging everyone to pick up there litter. Look out for them around school particularly in the cafe! 


The meadows

We took some of the year threes to visit the residents at The Meadows this morning and it was a lovely end to community week. The children were so polite and respectful to the residents asking lots of questions and telling them about life at Watercliffe  





 Meadow. We were very proud!