Amazing adjectives for alliteration

In Y3AE today, to help us with our alliteration, we have been finding some awesome adjectives! We even found some new words we haven’t seen or heard before! Chloe, Leighton, Sabi and Lincoln managed to find 36 adjectives beginning with the letter L!



Column addition

In Maths this week, Y3 have been looking at different ways of adding. We have moved on to securing our understanding of column addition with some hands on lessons using the diennes!


Story boxes

We’ve had some amazing story boxes brought in by Y3 children since the summer holidays! Look how much hard work has gone into these! Y3 think they look amazing. Can you guess the story for each box?


Colour mixing

This week in Art, we having been reminding ourselves about the primary and secondary colors. We used powder paint to make a colour wheel. Look at some of our amazing work!


Perfect partitioning

This week in Y3 we have been learning about place value. Today we were making sure we fully understand how to partition numbers. We were given complex partitioned number sentences which we had to break down simply. To do this we used dienes to group the hundreds, tens and ones. Have a look at Leighton’s brilliant learning in his book!