More amazing home learning.

We’ve had some brilliant home learning brought in today. Christian made a didgeridoo, Lucas and Regan made a wooden boomerang and designed new Australian flags, and Sabi made a lovely model of the Sydney Opera House.


Wombat goes walkabout…

On Friday, Miss Edwards found a baby wombat in her cupboard! It came with a story telling us about his journey! We’ve been taking good care of him!


Breaking news!!

On Tuesday, Y3 were busy thinking of headlines while watching Madagascar. Suddenly, there was a knock at our front door…


We opened the door to find a wooden crate…


There were postage stamps all over the crate which gave us clues to where it came from…


Husna revealed to the class that this mystery package came all the way from Australia!

We finally decided to open it to see what was inside…



We have decided that this is a brilliant news story, so Y3 are becoming journalists! We are going to create a newspaper article about the mysterious koala, and investigate why it’s come to WCM!

Reward time!

This afternoon Y3AE are reaping the rewards of trying so hard at their reading. Y3AE won the reading pledge by 150 reads! They chose to celebrate with a pyjama party, movie and popcorn. 

We’re all cosy with our teddies watching The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl!

Three times table

Yet again, we are hard at work practising our three times table! Today, we’ve counted up in threes using our fingers and a counting stick and now, we are finding times table facts in a number search!



Today in Y3AE, we have started using a new class reward. If we follow the golden rules for the session, we get to do a noodle! There’s lots of different noodles to try – today we did some Zumba and then some deep, calming breathing. We loved it! 


Home learning

As part of her home learning this week, Sabi has made her own version of an Aboriginal boomerang! She’s tried throwing it and it doesn’t quite come back like a real one, but it definitely looks the part! Well done Sabi!

This is part of our new home learning and any brilliant pieces brought in will be put on display either in class or on the Y3 display board!