Problem solving

This afternoon in Y3AE, we’re putting our reasoning skills to the test! Miss Edwards has set us an ‘Always, sometimes or never?’ investigation. We’re working in pairs to figure out whether the mathematical statements are always, sometimes or never true.

We have to provide enough evidence and reasons why we think they’re true or not!

Y3AE Maths Superstars

Well done to Amelia and Aya who both got 24/24 in their Beat That tests!

A big pat on the back for Charlie, Lincoln, Jorden, Sabi and Chloe who all got 11/11 on their CLIC tests!


Random Act of Kindness

On Saturday, Sabi and her mum were busy helping out with the Park Run in Hillsborough park! Sabi spent her morning helping to motivate runners by cheering them on and handing out finishing tokens! 

Belated update on Friday’s Maths superstars

Here’s last week’s CLIC test and Beat That test top scorers from Y3AE! Well done everyone! 

A special shout out to Kevin too, who has been working so hard to pass his 2 times table. This week, he did a test and got 60/60 questions right, with no help at all! We are so proud, as was Mr Read who thought this deserved two stickers! Well done Kevin!


On Monday, Y3AE had a really lovely P4C session based on the question ‘Is money always important?’ which was chosen by the class after watching this short film called ‘Silent’:
We had some really thoughtful discussions and Miss Edwards was so impressed with how our discussion language has come on from the beginning of the year, using phrases such as ‘I agree with… because…’ without being prompted to do so. Here’s our thought map (if you can read Miss Edwards’ hurried handwriting!):

These are just brief notes, but there were some very mature points aired by everyone, and Miss Edwards was so proud of how empathetic and caring we all were. The picture at the top of the blog post is showing whether we thought money is or isn’t always important by the end of the discussion.

Summarising Superworm!

Yesterday, Y3AE put their summarising skills to the test. Miss Edwards challenged the class to summarise the whole story in just 40 words! We had to be really careful not to waste words by saying ‘and then…’ and just sticking to the main points. 

Here’s some of us staying super focused and rising to the challenge..

This is a great challenge to try after reading a whole story, or a chapter of a book, at home too! Once you’ve finished a section, can you summarise what happened in a limited amount of words? 

More martial artsΒ 

Another member of Y3 got awarded with the martial arts student of the week award on Friday. Sumayya is extremely proud of her achievement! 

She is also raising money for her martial arts club next month. Sumayya, Austin, Keisha and Gabriella are aiming to complete 100 rounds of sparring in 90 minutes. If you would like to sponsor them please come and see Mr. Hiron.

Well done Sumayya! 

The martial arts master!

Congratulations to Liam Townsend who was awarded student of the week on Friday at his martial arts class! You should feel extremely proud. It is great to see students having an interest in extra curricular activities outside of school. Well done Liam! We are all looking forward to seeing you progress over the coming weeks!