Since it’s been so hot, Miss Edwards and Mr Hiron went to the shops at lunch and bought some ice lollies to cool us all down! Here’s some of Y3AE enjoying theirs.. 

Reward time!

We’ve had a lovely afternoon in Y3AE! We’ve worked really hard to earn 100 golden coins and on Monday, Mr Tompkinson was so impressed with our writing, he filled the up the remaining coins we needed! So as a reward, we chose to do some Egyptian baking. Regan had a brilliant idea that we could make gingerbread mummies, so that’s what we did… 

Obviously things got a little messy and we enjoyed cleaning up..

Hopefully we will be featuring a recipe in our magazine to share how we made these yummy mummies!

Fidget spinner fanatics

Seeing as we are all a bit fidget spinner crazy in Y3, Miss Edwards thought we should find out a bit more about them! In guided reading this morning Y3AE have learnt all about where they came from, how they’re made and what they’re for. 

Mirror mirror..

This afternoon Y3AE have enjoyed investigating mirrors with Mrs Reid. Some children looked at writing using a mirror, some investigated reflections in different objects and some used mirrors to create a reflective pattern. Interesting!

Getting creative with shape

Y3 have enjoyed furthering  their understanding of 3D shapes this afternoon by creating their own using art straws and tape. This has helped them identify the different properties of each shape. It was great to see such a variety of shapes and great team work going on!

A great day!

We’ve had a great day in Y3CH today. The children have worked incredibly hard and all their hard work is beginning to pay off. 

Pictured below is Ahmed, Archie, Tiffany, Lily and Kian who all got 24/24 on their beat that test.

Keren, Archie,Tiffany, Sumayya, Sam, Liam, Lily, Marshall, Harry and Aisha all achieved 11/11 on their CLIC tests.

Ahmed, Keren, Aisha, Tiffany, Lily, Harry, Tayler, Oliver, Sam, Sumayya, Noah, Liam and Una-May all managed to get 10/10 on their spelling test.

Congratulations to all of the children who are working incredibly hard as we approach the end of Y3. Each child wrote a set of instructions on how to mummify a body today as well and they were all of an extremely high quality.  We will be filming our ‘how to mummify a body’ instructions next week so please look out for our next video.  

Did you know…?

Here is the round up of our second week learning about Ancient Egypt. This week the pupils were given a topic (pharaohs, pyramids, food and farming or everyday life) and they had to write a paragraph about their given topic. 

They all found out some extremely interesting facts which they included in their writing and have included in this video.  

Please feel free to comment something you have learned about the Egyptians through watching this video! ​