Self portraits

Today in Y3NH we draw some self portraits to go alongside our fantastic ‘All about me’ writing we have been working on over the last two weeks. Miss Hall was very impressed with some of the children’s  attention to detail and their shading work when thinking about the colour of their hair. 

Direction writing 

Today Y3 have been writing directions to instruct people how to get to different places in WCM like the sports hall, the cafe and the bottom muga. We then followed our instructions to check we were right and made and corrections on directions needed. The final test was when we read our instructions out to the rest of the class and using a map of the school they had to guess where we had directed them too. Luckily we are amazing and accurate direction writers and everyone knew where our instructions were suppose to be taking them. Here are some photos of us in action. 

Break dancing

Every Monday the Y3’s are lucky enough to have a dance teacher come in and teach us street dancing. This week we had Chris come in and teach us some break dancing moves. Watch this space for some more moves next week and a performance for parents at the end of term.