The Story of Dawali 

Last week linking to our topic of India Y3 learnt about the Hindu festival of Dawli which was on Thursday. We learnt about the story of Dawali and why it is called the festival of light. Here is Y3NH creating a storyboard of traditional Dawali story about how a great warrior called Rama saved his wife Sita from a terrifying demon with 10 heads and 20 arms!

What is one?

This week the whole school is having a focus on the number 1. In Y3 we have been doing some hard thinking about how 1 can sometimes represent more than 1 thing. For example one bag of apples actually contains six apples, each of which can be cut into eight slices. So one bag could represent 48 slices! We demonstrated this knowledge practically by looking at other fruit packages and discussing what each one bag could actually represent. We then investigated this by cutting up the fruit to create a yummy fruit salad we got to eat!


Dictionary skills

This week Y3 have been working on building up their dictionary skills. First we discussed what a dictionary is and how to use it. We then had races to see who could find different words in the dictionary. Finally we used our skills to find adjectives starting with different letters of the alphabet.