Mystery present

On Friday morning Y3NH came in to class to find a mystery present had been delivered. We had a go at holding the present and guessing at what was inside. After slowly and carefully unwrapping the present we found out it was 6 new Argos catalogues. The children then spent some time looking through and reading them. Here we are in action.


On Friday Y3 did some learning on how to use the conjunction if. We talked about how we can place if in different places of a sentence depending on which way round you place the cause and effect phrases. We practiced moving sentence strips to create different sentences with if at the beginning of a sentence then in the middle. Here are some photos of us in action.

Stained glass windows

This week in Y3 we have been mixing our learning about Christianity and Hinduism by creating a stained glass window of the Hindu God Ganesh. The children have learnt lots of facts about Christianity and Ganesh over the last few weeks so please ask us about them and we would love to share what we have learnt with you.

We are all different

Last week was anti bulling week. The theme was ‘all different all equal’. As part of this Y3 decided to look at the similarities and differences between themselves. First we played a game where we had to swap places with someone who had something the same as us e.g if they had a sister and we had to ask each other questions about them. Then we got into pairs and wrote about even though we are all different we have things that are the same too. Here’s what we came up with: