Amazing home learning

Check out some of the amazing home learning we’ve been doing in Y3AE!


In Y3EH/JH we have already filled up our golden coin jar because of our fantastic learning and careful choices! And as our treat the class have voted for a teddy bears picnic in Amy’s Garden.

This will happen on Wednesday 3rd October. Please make sure your child brings a teddy to school with them (we have some to borrow so don’t worry if you do forget) and if you want to bring any food to share that would be brilliant!

We are all so excited already!

Caveman Art

Keeping in theme with our Stone Age topic we have done some fantastic cave drawings today using techniques such as feathering. They are all so unique but equally amazing!

Freeze Frame Fun!

This week in Literacy we have been doing a lot of Drama to support us with our writing next week. Here are our amazing freeze frames for the short film “Egg Hunt”

Check out the expressions on some of the faces!

Dance off!

This morning in Y3, we began our dance topic with Jack the dance teacher. Here’s the beginning of our routine…

After we learnt part of the routine, we had a class dance off. All the teachers were so impressed with how well we listened and followed instructions. Jack chose two stars – Ahmed in Y3AE and Summer Y3JH/EH.

Here’s our dance off: