When Watercliffe visited Arbourthorne

Wow, what an amazing, fun filled day we had with our linking school, Arbourthorne.

We had a welcome assembly, a tour around the school and then some time outside! We then did some art activities around friendship and got together in the hall for a bit of Go Noodle!

We can’t wait to stay in touch with our new friends and show them our school next

The royals

Here’s an update on our royal transformations…

We’ve had a practise go on a smaller sheet and then drawn up onto the real deal. We’re using oil pastels to make the colours pop!

Hopefully we’ll be able to put these up on display around school soon!

Y3 Egyptian Royalty

This week in Y3, we have started transforming ourselves into Ancient Egyptian royalty. We have had profile portraits taken and will be turning these in to beautiful, colourful Ancient Egyptian portraits. We are designing our own Nemes (pharaohs head dress) and royal collar. Check back in later this week to see our progress!

Reporting from Y3…

This week we are turning our hands to writing newspaper articles. We will be travelling back in time to bring you the latest news of the discovery of Tutankhamen.

Today, we’re exploring what makes a good newspaper report and creating a RUBRIC to help us later on in our writing.


This week in fencing, we practised our stances. We practised being quick and accurate with our swords by trying to catch coits with the swords! A few of us were really accurate. We finished off with having a duel in partners and began learning how the scoring system works.


This term in Y3, we have been lucky enough to be chosen to learn how to fence! This week, we learnt how to stand and how to safely equip ourselves for a fencing match. We then had a go at doing thrusts, lunging and jabs!

Goal setting and Kenyan Linking

We’re a busy year group with linking projects this year! As well as linking with two classes at Arbourthorne, we will also be linking with a school in Kenya!

This afternoon, we’ve been very lucky to be visited by Becky who is our link between us and the Kenyan school. We’ve spent the afternoon setting our goals for the year 2019 (similar to New Years resolutions). We also talked about Kenya and learnt some Kenyan dance moves!

We’ll be doing more learning about Kenya in Summer term.