Straight back to it!

We’re straight back to learning after a lovely week off!

In writing, we’ve been learning the story of Egyptian Cinderella and making comparisons between that and our more traditional version.

In Maths, we are beginning to improve our measuring skills in length and perimeter. Today, we’ve revised how to properly use a ruler and read centimetres and millimetres, and then we’ve been busy measuring things around the classroom!

Top scores for Taeya

A massive well done to Taeya who has been working hard all year round to beat her score on the beat that test. She’s been so close to full marks for so long but today she made it! Not only did she get full marks on beat that, but also full marks on her CLIC test and spelling test! Practice pays off, well done Taeya!

Y6 visitors

Y3 have been lucky to be visited by Y6 today. Y6 came to share their learning all about fossils. We learnt lots about how fossils are formed and that they can even be formed from trees or poo!


A big well done to our finalists from Y3AE, they were all amazing and did themselves proud! Here’s a sneak peek of their performances. We think they are extremely brave to get up on stage in front of so many people! They are performing again in the final round this afternoon where the winners will be decided. Good luck all! 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼


All the Year 3’s went on such a fantastic, jam packed visit to Eureka yesterday!

We had so much fun exploring all the different areas and spent a lot of time in the “All about me” room exploring everything about our bodies and how they develop!

We had so much fun that quite a few of us fell asleep on the way home!

Read all about it!

Here’s some pictures of our finished news reports!

For those of us who have finished, we have been set the challenge of writing a story with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Our stories must include speech (as we’ve been learning how to use inverted commas) and every one of this week’s spellings at least once. This is a great way to be creative with spelling practice at home too!

Developments in our news story

Yesterday we had a very interesting visitor in Y3 drop in from his time travelling machine! We were lucky enough to be visited by Howard Carter himself! So we took the opportunity to interview him about his incredible discovery. Carter reported back to teachers that he was very impressed by the level of questions he was asked by the Y3s, and he even showed us the full layout of Tutankhamun’s tomb. We’ll be including some of the interesting quotes we gathered in our reports.