Attacking and defending

This term Y3 are improving our attacking and defending skills. We’ve had a look at how to mark an opponent and we are definitely improving each week!


Choose respect

This week is anti-bullying week and in Y3 we are exploring the theme ‘choose respect’ by having circle time all about what we think it means to respect each other. We’re turning our thoughts into posters and of course we’ve had a good old dance to Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’!

Getting creative

In Y3 this afternoon, we have been getting our hands mucky and creating some Stone Age masterpieces. We are creating replica Stone Age jewellery. Some of us thought they might’ve used animal teeth and bones, claws or acorns to make beads so we based our designs on that. We’ll be painting them tomorrow so check back soon to see the finished items!

Home learning

Just when we thought Ella couldn’t wow us any more with her home learning she exceeded all our expectations with this amaZing model of Stone Henge!

She is the queen of home learning!

Problem solvers

In Maths this week, Y3 are working hard on reasoning and problem solving in groups. Yesterday we played a game called ‘ Strike it out’ and today we are dealing with money, finding solutions for the problem below:


This week in guided reading we are learning how to use a thesaurus. We decided on 4 pretty boring words as a class and are finding synonyms (words that mean the same thing) for them.


The concept for our P4C lesson today was “responsibility”.

We are really good at getting into small groups and sharing our first thoughts and making an argument for our points.

As a class we have been doing a lot of work around our self and our identity. We have all created an identity circle which are displayed in our classroom. These will be sent to our linking school, Arbourthorne who we will be meeting up with soon to share a P4C lesson with!


This week in Y3, we are working on becoming dictionary masters! Today we’ve been finding definitions of topic words such as ‘archaeology’ and ‘spear’.