Bake well photos

Here are some photos of our camping trip!


Kenyan Koekies

In Literacy we have been looking at using imperative verbs in instructions. On Wednesday we followed a recipe to make Koekies – a Kenyan sweet biscuit. On Thursday we ate them during Guided Reading and they were delicious! On Friday we will be writing up our recipe!

Active Maths!

Today we have enjoyed the sunshine by taking our maths outside. We worked in groups to find different objects with values on around the tennis court. We then had to add them together and find the total, proving it with number lines, bar models and column addition!

Community Week – recycling

This week we have kicked off community week with a visit from Becky Lynne who spoke to us about plastic pollution in Kenya and in the UK. We then made a ball out of recycled plastic and used them in a P.E. lesson. From this we planned and wrote a leaflet on recycling to show to the Year 6’s.

We then had Mrs Walsh visit the class on Tuesday and talked to us about how we could all improve recycling in and around school. We learnt a lot from this and made our own recycling posters. We have had a big push at the start of the week to try and bring in a recycled bottle for water instead of buying one from the cafe everyday and we have even used reusable trays instead of wasting paper pick and mix bags!





Welcome back!

Welcome back! We hope everyone enjoyed a lovely break.

We’re straight back into it in Y3, learning all about Kenya 🇰🇪 which is our new topic! Today we used atlases to locate Kenya and find different features of the country such as the capital city, Nairobi.

In Maths we are continuing our fraction learning and today we began learning about equivalent fractions, using fraction bars and walls to find the equivalent fractions.