Caveman Art

Keeping in theme with our Stone Age topic we have done some fantastic cave drawings today using techniques such as feathering. They are all so unique but equally amazing!



Here we are doing our Maths this week. We’ve been looking at comparing numbers to 1000 and have been using diennes to visually see the difference between numbers.

Freeze Frame Fun!

This week in Literacy we have been doing a lot of Drama to support us with our writing next week. Here are our amazing freeze frames for the short film “Egg Hunt”

Check out the expressions on some of the faces!

Dance off!

This morning in Y3, we began our dance topic with Jack the dance teacher. Here’s the beginning of our routine…

After we learnt part of the routine, we had a class dance off. All the teachers were so impressed with how well we listened and followed instructions. Jack chose two stars – Ahmed in Y3AE and Summer Y3JH/EH.

Here’s our dance off:


This week in maths Y3 have moved on to capacity. Because of the warm weather we took our learning outside! First we had to estimate the capacity of different containers then using measuring jugs find the real capacity and work out the different between our estimate and the actual capacity. Here are Y3 NH getting stuck into their learning.

Camping in Bakewell

Last week Y3 went camping in Bakewell. On Thursday we went around Chatsworth gardens and completed a huge maze which had us running around in circles. We also went for a paddle in the fountains. Then we walked into Bakewell and had fish and chips in the park. After that we played games at the campsite and sorted out our tents. On Friday we walked back into Bakewell spent our money in the shops, had lunch and played in the park. Here we are having a great time.