Room on the Broom by Dina

Once there was a witch who had a very very tall hat also she had a cat. As they sat on the broomstick and flew threw the wind. I like this boom because it is very interesting and very silly and funny. Also shall I tell you why I really really love this book? I love this books because it’s got some alliteration and a lot of funny words like iggity ziggity zoggity zoom!

Flat Stanley by Thomas Baranowski

Flat Stanley was round like a normal person but his bulletin board fell on him in the night and he was half a cm thick and 4 feet tall.
My favourite character is Stanley because he is the hero. My favourite part was when Stanley saved the day and the most expensive painting in the world. I would recommend this book because it is extremely silly and funny when Stanley kept sliding throughout cracks underneath the doors.

Ding Dong Gorilla by Brandon Brodie

Someone knocked on a door so a happy, little boy went to answer the door because the little boy thought it was the pizza man but it was a Gorilla who brushed past.
My favourite person in the book is the gorilla because he is funny. He puts everything in the wrong place.
The best part of Ding Dong Gorilla is when the hairy gorilla put stuff in the toilet.
I would recommend this book because it is funny.

The twits by Chloe Clarkson

The Twits is about an old hag with a wart on the end of her nose. They always play pranks on each other. They are very silly people, they don’t like children. Mrs Twit puts her glass eye in Mr Twit’s beer. Mr Twit payed her back by putting a frog in Mrs Twit’s bed. I would recommend this book to a friend because it is really silly and funny. My favourite character is Mrs Twit because she was really silly. She is so old that she is ugly.

Winnie the witch by Bilal

In the story Winnie went to get the wand and her spell book so she can try to magic a rocket next her house. My favourite character was Winnie because she looks funny and she acts funny. The best part of the book was when they landed on the planet with loads of holes. But that planet wasn’t ordinary it has metal eating bunny rabbits. I would recommend it to a friend because it is adventurous and funny.