Harrogate visit

Today Y3 went on an exciting trip to Harrogate. We went in a museum to learn about the ancient Egyptians and we got to hold objects that were over 3000 years old. We also go to write our names in hieroglyphics, wear Egyptian clothing and we even learnt how to mummify a body-eww! During our time in Harrogate we also got to visit the Royal Hall theatre and an art gallery.


Equivalent fractions

This week Y3 have been learning all about equivalent fractions. We have been using lots of practical equipment to explore and find different fractions with the same value.

Road safety

This week Y3 had their last road safety training session. They learnt how to cross a road safely between two cars and at a junction. We also learnt about different hazards that may stop us from crossing a road safely and how to see if a parked car is about to move.

Making mammoth poo!

Today Y3 spent their morning making mammoth poo and then eating it! Luckily it wasn’t as disgusting as it sounds as it was made from mostly butter, sugar and chocolate chips so tasted yummy! We will use what we did today to create our own mammoth poo recipes this week so others can follow it and make it for themselves.

We love reading

This afternoon Y3NH have taken some time to visit our fantastic new library. The children were so excited to read the new books and had a great time listening to each other read whilst relaxing on the beanbags.

Creswell crags

This week Y3 have been on an exciting trip to Creswell Crags. This is a place where real life cavemen lived around 40000 years ago during the ice age. We got the chance to make cave art, go on a tour of an actual cave that people lived in all those years ago and tested our survival skills by trying to build a den that would keep us warm and practicing our spear throwing skills so we could hunt for food. During our survival skills it even started snowing so we got a good idea of what it would have really been like in the ice age!

New school library

This morning, Y3 were joined by Alan MacDonald, author of the Dirty Bertie books.  We went down to the hall, where he taught us how to draw Bertie, then he set us the challenge of creating a new book for the series.  We created the front cover and wrote the blurb in the hope that he might use one in his next book!  We had Dirty Bertie: Halloween, Dirty Bertie: Holiday and even Dirty Bertie: Explosion

Later on, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield visited school.  She spoke to us in assembly and two children from each class had the chance to see her cutting the ribbon to unveil our wonderful new library!  Mr Smith worked extremely hard to select books to suit everyone so we hope you will enjoy and cherish them.

Rock man visits Y3

This week world famous rock climber Steve McClure AKA Rockman came to visit Y3 and talk to us about different types or rock linking to our Stone Age theme. We got to hold some of these rocks as well as test our finger strength to see if we would make good rock climbers.

Mystery present

On Friday morning Y3NH came in to class to find a mystery present had been delivered. We had a go at holding the present and guessing at what was inside. After slowly and carefully unwrapping the present we found out it was 6 new Argos catalogues. The children then spent some time looking through and reading them. Here we are in action.