Measuring mass

Today Y3NH have got the weighing scales out to measure the mass of different objects around our class. The trickiest part was working out the value of all the intervals but once we did that we were flying.



Over the last two weeks Y3 have been learning all about Cleopatra and what an interesting life she had. We have learnt that she married her 10 year old brother, fell in love with famous Roman leader Julius Caesar and died from a poisonous snake bite. Here are Y3NH freeze framing scenes from her life, see if you can work what is going on in each picture.

Sports day

Last Tuesday Y3 took part in their annual sports day. Miss Hall and Miss Edwards were super impressed with how hard all the children tried in their events and what good team spirit they displayed.

Sorting shapes

This week in maths Y3 have been sorting shapes based on their different properties. These properties include number of sides and corners, types of angles, whether they have any parallel or perpendicular lines and number of lines of symmetry. Here we are in action.

Harrogate visit

Today Y3 went on an exciting trip to Harrogate. We went in a museum to learn about the ancient Egyptians and we got to hold objects that were over 3000 years old. We also go to write our names in hieroglyphics, wear Egyptian clothing and we even learnt how to mummify a body-eww! During our time in Harrogate we also got to visit the Royal Hall theatre and an art gallery.

Road safety

This week Y3 had their last road safety training session. They learnt how to cross a road safely between two cars and at a junction. We also learnt about different hazards that may stop us from crossing a road safely and how to see if a parked car is about to move.

Making mammoth poo!

Today Y3 spent their morning making mammoth poo and then eating it! Luckily it wasn’t as disgusting as it sounds as it was made from mostly butter, sugar and chocolate chips so tasted yummy! We will use what we did today to create our own mammoth poo recipes this week so others can follow it and make it for themselves.

We love reading

This afternoon Y3NH have taken some time to visit our fantastic new library. The children were so excited to read the new books and had a great time listening to each other read whilst relaxing on the beanbags.

Creswell crags

This week Y3 have been on an exciting trip to Creswell Crags. This is a place where real life cavemen lived around 40000 years ago during the ice age. We got the chance to make cave art, go on a tour of an actual cave that people lived in all those years ago and tested our survival skills by trying to build a den that would keep us warm and practicing our spear throwing skills so we could hunt for food. During our survival skills it even started snowing so we got a good idea of what it would have really been like in the ice age!