Cave art handprints

Ooooh we do love art in Year 3 and what a fantastic little group of artists we have!

We used charcoal this afternoon to create cave art handprints and they were brilliant! We had a super attitude towards the learning from all the children and for many of them that came after a great Read Write Inc. session. Families should be so proud of the great attitudes to learning and the resilience the children are showing us all lately.

Halloween dress up day

On Thursday 21st of October we will be having a spooky dress up day in school. Children can come to school in a Halloween type costume. Please don’t feel like you have to go out and buy an outfit specially, homemade costumes are absolutely fine! We are really looking forward to the day! There will be a spooky cosy read for the children to choose that day as well.

Science superstars

We wanted to say an extra big well done to these science stars today!

Alfie, Sienna, Archie, Annirose, Zayna and Eleanor did such a superb job of explaining the journey Roger Rock goes on to become Simon Soil! They were using words such as shrink, swell, erode and particles in their explanations and we really were very impressed!

Fossilised footprints

As part of our science learning on rocks and soil we have been looking at fossils this week and we used clay to make our own fossilised dinosaur footprints! The enthusiasm this lesson was fantastic! The children were a bit horrified though that scientist sometimes use fossilised poo to find out more about the animals of the past!


We have moved on to addition and subtraction now in class. We have been adding 3 digit and 1 digit numbers today making sure we are reading the 3 digit numbers correctly and using the number facts we know to add quickly in our heads. If adding mentally is a bit tricky we’re using column method to help us making sure the digits are lined up in the correct columns. The children could explain well how they were calculating and how they knew their answers were correct.

Please come and see anyone in the team if you want to go over any of the strategies we are teaching in maths and there is the example clic test in the back of the journal which shows the methods we use.


This weeks stars of the week would like to present Stardust and Mr Barnes 2.0. These stars appeared in our classrooms yesterday morning, lost and in need of some care! They are going to help inspire our writing based on the wonderful book Star in a jar by Sam Hay and Sarah Massin. Keep a look out for updates on how our writing is going! We have no doubt it’s going to be as brilliant as our last unit!

George and the Dragon

We have been working so hard during writing lessons. We’ve been learning how to use different techniques like alliteration, similes and repetition. We are all so impressed with the children’s approach to the writing since the start of term. Look at these fantastic sentences! Well done year 3!

Stone Age

We have begun thinking about the Stone Age today and what it would have been like to live during the time. We sat around a campfire, looked at pictures and generated questions for what we would like to find out about during the term.