10 day Active Travel challenge

Our school will be taking part in the 10 day Active Travel Challenge starting on Monday 14th and finishing on 25th June 2021.

The challenge is for pupils & their families to choose an active way of getting to school over the 10 day period. There are prizes for everybody who completes the challenge, as well as whole school prizes!

We need everyone to take part and make an effort to travel to school in an active way during the challenge. The challenge is also open to school staff and we will be making every effort to take part too.

Walking, cycling, skating, scooting and park & stride are all active ways of travelling and we hope by taking part in the challenge it will:

  • Improve health & wellbeing of our pupils & their families
  • Encourage pupils and families to be more active
  • Reduce congestion and parking problems around our school
  • Improve air quality around school
  • Promote active travel for the journey to school and for families to continue to do this after the challenge!

During the challenge each classroom will have a wall chart on which pupils who have travelled actively will record their journey by adding a special sticker to the chart. Those pupils with 10 stickers on the chart at the end of the 10 day challenge will be awarded a prize.

Please be aware if you live a long way from school and need to drive you can still take part by parking away from school (at least a 5 minute walk) and walking the last part of your journey, this is called Park & Stride.

Our school could also win some fantastic prizes like a visit from a Performance Poet or even the Circus. We are competing against schools from across South Yorkshire so we really do need your help. Please do your best to be active on your journey to school and help us complete the challenge.

Beat the Street!

Starting from 16th June, there will be a game called Beat the Street coming to Sheffield! Each week of Beat the Street has a theme. You can find out more about the ‘Go Weeks’ in the Video Assembly and PowerPoint. The first week runs from Wednesday 16th to Tuesday 22nd June and is called ‘Go Play’. This is all about getting out and enjoying playing Beat the Street.

Your child will receive a fob that they can use to play the game and you will also get a card to join in too! All you have to do is find a Beat Box and hold your card/fob over it until it beeps and flashes! Make sure that you register any card/fobs you get so that you can earn points, track score and even win prizes!
Here is a video to explain more.

If anyone is finding it difficult to register their card or fob then here is a video to help. If you are still struggling after the video, please see your child’s teacher!

Man-made bar charts!

This week we have had some great fun in maths! We have looked at tables and graphs, focusing on bar charts. We took a survey of people’s favourite fruit in both classes and created our huge bar charts using pieces of card. We had to stand on them so they didn’t blow away! Can you see which fruit was most popular in each class?

Sheffield Eagles Rugby

This half term, the Sheffield Eagles have been coming into school to deliver some rugby-based sessions.

The children have been learning skills linked to rugby, such as passing, whilst also working on some more generic skills that can be applied to any activity like avoiding and dodging skills.

The children have really enjoyed themselves and have learned a lot from Ollie, our coach from the Sheffield Eagles!

Heroes Design a Stamp competition!

Hello everyone!

We have an exciting new competition for you all to have a go at when your at home. We want you to try and create a new stamp design to celebrate the heroes of the pandemic.

Now there is a few rules for what you can and can’t draw, but the basic rules are that the design must be hand drawn by yourselves (the children) and you must have your own design, meaning you can’t copy one that already exists. You can pick any pandemic “hero” to draw and we want you to use lots of colour!

If you want to take part in this, then let any one of the adults in class know and we will hand you a competition entry form. For more information, see the attached images.

Good luck!

Art Competition

Hello everyone!

We hope you are having a fantastic two weeks off! We are so looking forward to welcoming you back on Monday 19th April, but until then we have a challenge for those of you who want to give it a go!

Attached is a document explaining the rules of the challenge, but you can choose to draw anything you want!

The entries need to be handed to Miss Eden by Friday 23rd April so if you would like to take part, you have plenty of time. If your artwork is as fantastic as we know it can be, it may be displayed in a local exhibition!

Good luck!

Fridays Learning

Here is the final day of lockdown learning!! A massive well done to Meryem, Max, Ava and Logan B for keeping up the fantastic work right up until the very end of lockdown. Also, a big well done to everyone else who has sent in their work at some point or another during this time. We are super proud of you and can not wait to have you all back on Monday. Have a fab weekend!

Friday 5th March 2021


The Imaginary, written by A.F. Harold and published by Bloomsbury.



Here is today’s Maths.


Below is a link to Read Write Inc videos on a YouTube channel. A new video will be added every day around 9.30am for the children to watch and follow along with at home. Please can you get the children to watch and join in with the Phase 3 sounds videos that are added. Some children may find recapping the Phase 2 sounds helpful too!


Golden Time

Friday afternoon also means Golden Time!! Make sure you have lots of fun doing something exciting and remember to send us photos or videos of yourself for the blog!