Y3 Spring Newsletter and Key Dates

Here are the important things you will need to know for this term. Thanks again for all of your support!


Mini Winter Reading Challenge

Over the Christmas holidays, children can take part in this free mini challenge.

They register online to create an account and then gain badges and a certificate for every read that they log.

For more information, read this document or use this QR code.

Fire Safety

We have been really lucky in Y3 today. We had visitors from the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service.

We were introduced to two characters that were best friends – bleeper and battery. We were taught about the importance of having a working smoke alarm! They save lives. We got to listen to what a smoke alarm would sound like. You should test it EVERY week to make sure the batteries are working for when there may be an emergency. The smoke alarm should be on the ceiling of every level in your house.

We learnt that at home, we should have an escape plan with our family of what to do when the smoke alarm goes off at home. Rushing out of your bedroom at night when the alarm goes off might not always be the best thing to do. To check everyone else heard you could stay there and shout “Fire! Help!” It’s good to get into a routine of closing as many doors as possible before bed. This can stop the spread of smoke and flames.

We learnt about the job of the Fire and Rescue service. They do a lot more than we were aware of! Rescuing people who were stuck, teaching people about fire safety, fitting fire alarms, as well as putting out fires.

Throughout the session, we used videos and discussion to understand the important messages of being safe. For example, we learnt about avoiding hazards and letting people know when we see danger, like matches and lighters being found or used.

Part of the session was learning the difference between a good fire and a bad fire. Even good fires, like a fire in your house, a bonfire, blowing out candles on a cake, need safety measures in place! Tying your hair back to blow out candles, staying behind a fire guard in the home and behind the fences at the bonfire on Bonfire night. We were also reminded about not touching fire or fireworks as children!

If something does go wrong with a fire, the children learnt a technique that could help them: Stop, Drop and Roll! Have a practice at home. Make sure you roll one way and then the other on the floor.

One way to report an emergency is to ring 999. We saw how a call would take place and what we’d need to say. The children learnt that if they needed to make a genuine call in an emergency then they would NEED to know their full address, including the postcode. This is good to practise at home too.

It was a really informative session and we learnt loads! Lots of things to take away and remember. We will revisit the information when the children go to Crucial Crew in Y6.

02.12.22 Great learning effort

It’s been another brilliant week for learning even though we’ve only been in school for 4 days. Daheen is the Star of the Week winner for this week, as well as our Libby getting the badge last week too (and extra addition). Our Learning Principle winner is for Namah, who along with a few other children, is really striving hard to pass her handwriting and is doing everything she can to make those careful choices to get that stamp from Mr Read.

We have two new additions to our 40 reads list, this week. Caleb and Anam have been reading extra so that they could reach the target before next week’s cut off. Libby and Anayah have both done over 4 reads. Our top readers of the week, who have done an amazing amount of reads are: Tarika, Mariyah, Muaz and Oakley.

In CLIC this week, Ayaan and Girum scored full marks – fantastic effort! Paightyn, Saiorse, Charlie, Noah, Cory and Tegan were all awarded their top score for this half term. Fabulous!

Paightyn, Evie-Rae, Charlie, Saiorse, Anam, Annabelle, Noah, Ayla, Namah, Oakley and Tegan all got their highest score yet this half term in their Beat That test – well done everyone! Muhammed is doing brilliantly at keeping full marks, again.

Well done to Saiorse who, despite how tricky this week’s spellings were, worked hard to learn them so she scored 10/10!

Khalid is the Star of the Week winner for Y3SB this week, as he has tried hard with his writing and even tried making some sentences of his own. Our Learning Principle winner is Tyler, who has managed to pass his handwriting this week and is always working hard in class to answer questions and help others.

We he more person on 40 reads this term, so a massive well done to Lydia! Muiz, Aria and Lexie are all only 4 reads or less away from having that magic number, so keep up the hard work you three! There were some improved reading scores from Caroline, Miah, Vinnie and Lexie this week too. Our top readers of the week are Oliver, Josh and Lottie! It is the last week to get those reads in, so put in that extra work if you know you are close!

In CLIC, only Lottie managed 11/11 this week, but there were some high scores from Halima, Alice, Niamh, Jakob, Hamza, Mani and Lily Rose, so a massive well done to you guys. Most improved this week went to Isabelle who has managed to improve her score by 5 this week. Well done! Beat That was harder this week, wth only Lily Rose getting full marks, but there were some high scores from Jakob and Lotie too. Some big improvements from Isabella, Lydia, Lexi-Mae and Tyler too.

Again, some seriously tricky spellings this week; but Tyler, Lottie and Alice managed to get 10/10. Aiman and Miah also did very well this week so well done!

Step into Christmas

Oh what a wonderful hour we had! Thank you so much to all of you that came and created some beautiful festive crafts alongside their children. We’re really grateful for everyone that attended and there was a fantastic atmosphere! What a great beginning to the Christmas period.

25.11.22 More amazing achievements

What another great week it’s been. In Y3GH, Ronnie has received our Feel Proud postcard for just being generally amazing as a class member. He works really hard, has such a positive attitude and should be really proud of that. Caleb is our Star of the Week, noted by Mr Dibb for trying really hard in Thursday’s maths.

Our top readers of the week are: Ayaan, Paightyn, Mariyah, Jibreel, Muaz and Oakley. We can always rely on seeing lots of reads in their journals! However, we’ve also had some children who have made a lot of extra effort this week with reading, and those are: Tarika, Naza and Johnny.

Anayah also brought in a brilliant piece of home learning that we have displayed in the classroom.

Those who have scored highly in their Friday tests this week are Girum with his first set of full marks in his Beat That test – fantastic Girum! Muhammed has kept up the good work and has full marks again too. Ayaan is flying high this week with 17 marks and Anayah, Tegan and Kadie have both made a brilliant improvement.

Ayaan also did great in his CLIC test with full marks. 14 children also got 10/10 in their spelling test, with lots of other children scoring highly or making a vast improvement. Well done to all of you. Keep up the hard work everyone!

In Y3SB, Jakob has received our Make Careful Choices postcard for making such a conscious effort to do the right thing. He works really hard, has been kind to others and listened to advice from adults well. Cameron is our Star of the Week, as spotted by all three members of staff in our class. He has tried incredibly hard with his maths and writing this week, concentrating when an adult is talking and trying to do the right thing..

Our top readers of last week are: Alexia, Vinnie, Josh, Niamh, Aria, Isabelle, Oliver and Lottie; who all achieved over 4 reads! We can always rely on seeing lots of reads in their journals! However, we’ve also had some children who have made a little bit more effort this week with reading, so well done to Alexia, Lydia and Aria for this! Tyler has hit 40 reads this week and Vinnie, Muiz, Aria and Lydia are all within 4 reads of 40. Hopefully we will have plenty of badges to give out on the last week of this term.

Those who have scored highly in their Friday tests this week are Lottie, Jakob, Alice, Hamza and Lydia! Muhammed has kept up the good work and has full marks again too. Lily, Lottie and Caroline all achieved full marks this week in Beat That and Lexi-Mae, Jakob and Khalid all improved. Jakob was only 2 marks away from full marks!

Alice and Lottie also did great in their CLIC test with full marks, with Sophia, Miah and Caroline making big improvements. 10 children also got 10/10 in their spelling test, with lots of other children scoring highly or making a vast improvement. Our averages went up in CLIC to 6.9 and in spelling it was up to 8.3! A Big effort from everyone so well done!

Author Visit

This week we had a very special visitor in school. Ross Montgomery, an author of different children’s books, came into school to talk to us about writing stories. He spoke to us about many different things, including what the motivation was for his new book – Max and the Millions.

It was absolutely fascinating to hear what he had to say, and I think we learned one or two writing tricks along the way! Well done to all the children for listening so well and we hope to see some of their own stories being brought into class very soon, so we can share them with everyone!

Children in Need

Friday 18th November was Children in Need day, otherwise known as Pudsey day!

We had great fun dressing up in yellow and spotty clothing all day and enjoying all sorts of Pudsey fun! We even joined in with the Moodlifters at 12pm to help keep our spirits up after a long week. This was done by Joe Wicks and the BBC for all schools up and down the country.

We are hoping we have raised lots of money for all the Children in Need.

Reading fluency project

Over the last 9 weeks, children in Y3 have been working hard to improve the fluency of their reading. This has been hugely successful and children are now reading more words at a faster pace. They are also able to understand what more words mean and this has resulted in them expanding their knowledge of vocabulary – an extra bonus!

Each week the children have been given a text about a topic, whether it be non-fiction or fiction, and have annotated markings onto it to help them. This week in Stage 1, we have been reading about Sue the T-Rex, a non-fiction report about the biggest tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found. In Stage 3, we have been reading…

Here are some photos and some videos of our last session on Friday. We can certainly see an improvement from these guys, but everyone has improved so much and we are so proud!

18.11.22 Fab Learners

In Y3GH this week our Star of the Week is Kadie! She is an exemplary member of our class, a brilliant friend and showed some detailed knowledge on our visit to Creswell Crags. The Learning Principle card this week is for making links. We have awarded it to Paddy. He had remembered some accurate facts about the Stone Age from our history lesson and shared them on our visit with great confidence!

Despite not having any more children this week who have done more than 40 reads, we still have a lot of excellent reading going on! Our top readers are Paightyn (18 reads just this week), Mariyah (11), Muaz (7) and Oakley (23).

Our most improved testers for this half term so far are Mariyah and Jibreel, who have both risen 4 marks in their CLIC test and Namah who has gone up 5 marks! Kadie is showing great consistency by scoring the same each week of this half term. Evie-Rae has increased her Beat That score by a fantastic 6 questions. Well done to everyone else for continuing to work hard and aim for that good progress.

Our top scorers of today’s tests are Saoirse, Annabelle, Mariyah and Ronnie who got 10/10 in their spelling test. Muhammed got 24/24 for the second week in a row on his Beat That test.

In Y3SB this week our Star of the Week is Alice! What a little star! She has answered loads of questions and tried her very best in all of her lessons this week. She is able to tell an adult when something is worrying her and is trying hard to encourage others to make good choices. Especially important baring in mind it is Anti-Bullying Week! The Learning Principle card this week is for Feel Proud. Lily-Rose has earned it this week as she has been able to improve her resilience with maths especially. We are so proud of how hard she has worked and she should be proud too!

Our top readers this week are Lottie (9), Isabelle (13), Oliver (13), Josh (14) and Lexie (7). Some fantastic reading from you guys! Niamh has been the latest person to reach 40 reads too, so well done Niamh!

Some great improvements this half term across our Beat That and CLIC. Our class average has gone from 5.1 to 6.2 in CLIC and 6.2 to 9.2 in Beat That! Some notable improvements have been made from Caroline, Lexi-Mae, Hamza, Jakob, Tyler and Mani, who have all improved their CLIC by at least 2 since the beginning of Autumn 2. Jakob and Hamza both got 10 this week and Lottie got full marks in both her CLIC and Beat That! Caroline also scored full marks in her Beat That and Lily-Rose was just one away as she got 23/24. Alice and Alexia have both improved their Beat That score by 4 and 5 marks too! Well done guys!

Our Spelling Test scores this week have averaged 5.1/10 with some tricky spellings this week. But our high scores go to Aiman, Alice, Lily, Lottie and Caroline, as they all scored either 9 or 10/10.