Start of Easter adventures

We have had a few photos emailed to us from the end of last week and at the start of this week. They were too good not to share!

It looks like you have all been having lots of fun, Mr Boynton and Mr Steele have stolen some of your lovely activity ideas to do with our children over the holidays!

Ollie has been a super scientist and carried out a sub diver experiment. He has even written out the instructions so everyone else can have a try. Well done Ollie!
Here are some instructions for a similar experiment online:

Chloe has been super busy. She has been doing some home baking and also went on an epic walk!

Cole R has picked some activities from the Road to Tokyo (now 2021!) sheet. Him and his sister made their own Olympics and also had an epic paper snowball fight!

Mason and his sister Esme made a lovely sign for the NHS and were out clapping them at 8pm on Thursday night. He has also been making bird feeders, an idea that Mr Boynton will be trying over the holidays!

Raiyan has been making some delicious looking hedgehog bread. We are looking forward to him bringing some of his home baking into school when we are back in! It looks super yummy!

Ray has been working hard practising his time-telling skills. This will come in extra handy for Friday CLIC tests!

Here are some photos of Evie on her birthday. I’ve been told that she had a lovely day, despite the lockdown, and she even had a pinata.

Here is a photo of Brayden’s colourful picture that he drew. It is lovely to see him so happy and having down some lovely artwork about his family!

Here is a photo of Hason testing out his aeroplane that he made from paper. He was really enjoying himself and was also learning about the science of air resistance in the process!

Lastly, here is a super cute picture of Ebony, she has been practising her spelling lots and the picture shows a very happy Ebony as she has just spelt anticlockwise perfectly πŸ™‚

Well done all of you, keep in touch over the Easter holidays, and remember if you need anything just get in touch-

Happy Birthday!

Today is Evie Roberts’ birthday!!


We all hope that you have a lovely day and don’t forget to let us know what presents you get!

Happy birthday Evie, love from Mr Steele (and Mrs Steele!), Mrs Colley, Mr Boynton and Mrs Bates

Free School Meals

Dear Families,
This morning, the government has just announced it’s voucher scheme for children eligible for free school meals. If you currently access free school meals, your family is entitled to a weekly voucher of Β£15 per child. In order for us to set this up for you, please send us your email address toΒ
Once we have your email address, we will be able to send a voucher that comes as an email attachment that can either be printed off or used from your phone. We will aim to turn this around as quickly as we can but please appreciate we have over 200 children eligible in school.

Letter to Leyla

Leyla, in Mr Boynton’s class, was in school last week and wrote a letter to Carole who is self isolating.

This is the letter she received back!

Hi Leyla

It was lovely to receive your beautifully written letter and drawing yesterday. It really cheered me up.

Yes, it is hard staying at home at the moment but the weather has been really good so I have been able to get out in the garden and do some tidying up. It is hard not meeting my friends but it is the same for everybody. I have been talking to my neighbours, on both sides, over the hedges at a safe distance..

I expect that you are also missing your usual friends but hope that you have made new ones in the group you are now in at school. What did you do at school last week and also when you were at home? 

When I was young I loved reading and went to the library every week. I also played out a lot with the local children and we used to have games of football, cricket and rounders. Hardly anyone had a car then so it was safe to play these games on a side road. When I went to senior school, I played a lot of netball in the winter, In the summer I played rounders and tennis. My favourite subjects at senior school were English, French, Spanish and History. What are your favourite subjects at school and do you play any sports?

I have never known anything like what is happening now but I am sure that if we all do what we are being told to do, we will keep safe.  I hope that you, your family, your teachers and helpers are all well?

If you have the time, I would love to hear from you again. My laptop sometimes sends my e-mails before I have finished them so if this happens, I am sorry.

Thank you again


Year 3 work and adventures!

Thank you to everyone who completed the daily challenge, doing their CLIC and sending us their timetable of what they have been up to this week.

We have really enjoyed looking at all your photos, here are a few of the ones that have been emailed to us today.

It was also great to speak to lots of you over the last two days and hearing about what you have been up to. From Kayleigh and Kaitlyn who have been out bug collecting, Chloe who went on a big woodland walk to Riley who has been den building (remember to send us a picture!).

Parents- sorry to those we didn’t get time to ring today. If you feel your child could really do with a call to pick them up then do email us ( and we will ring ASAP.
We will be calling everyone again in the week after the Easter holidays.

Year 3 Friday assembly

Hello from Mr Steele, Mrs Colley, Mr Boynton and Mrs Bates,

Welcome to the first Year 3 virtual assembly!

It has been great to hear from you this week, both those who have sent pictures in and those who have sent us email messages.

We have counted attendance as anyone who has contacted us by sending us photos or emailing this week (don’t worry, it is just a bit of fun, you won’t be in trouble if you haven’t had time!).

We have had 22 children from Y3MS and Y3JB contact us this week, it has been lovely to hear from you, can we get even more after Easter?

Times Tables Rockets

Nobody new on the rocket this week but we hope you have enjoyed practising your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars and taking part in the Battle of the Bands. Well done to Y3JB for winning the first competition.

There will be another Battle of the Bands competition after Easter. If you feel you are ready to be tested on one of your times tables let us know and we will give you a call so you can have a go!


Nobody new has passed their handwriting this week.

Madison and Jack in Y3JB, you were very close last time Mr Read had a look. Remember once you have done some writing (maybe a story about Rudger?) email to me and I’ll show Mr Read to see if you can get passed soon.

Y3MS, there were lots of children who were close to passing their handwriting when Mr Read looked last week so keep sending in photos of your very best work and we will see what he thinks!


Drumroll please……

The winner this week for Y3JB is for Be Positive.
This young man has worked really hard this week, sending us some lovely work including some lovely facts on Cheetahs and he absolutely smashed it in the Batte of the Bands competition, well done to Ibrahim.

The winner this week for Y3MS is for all the children who have sent in examples of the work they’ve done at home. Well done Diana, Tom, Evie R, Tyler D, Aliyan and Mackenzie.

Felix time!

Luckily this week Felix is feeling much better and he has sent us in a Dude Perfect. This week let’s watch some unexpected trick shots, click on the link or play the video below!

Golden Time

Time for an extended Friday afternoon Golden Time. Send your pictures in or news of what you have done in Golden Time this week and we will put them up on the blog later. Enjoy!


The Y3 and 4 children in school have been writing letters and drawing pictures to people who are isolating at home.

Could you write a letter (it could even be a digital letter!) to someone you know who is isolating?

Below is an example:

Fabulous home learning

Some great home learning sent in today from Aliyan, Diana, Evie and Mackenzie.

We also especially enjoyed Tom’s new invention, a remote control pencil, takes all the hard work out of colouring in!

Daily challenge

There has been some lovely daily challenge work sent in, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Brayden said he really enjoyed the challenge today.
Lovely work from Cole πŸ™‚