RE Day- Buddhism

Today we have been learning all about Buddhism. We found out all about the story of Buddha and the Four noble truths. We made our own prayer flags and even had a go at meditating.

Y3JB reward afternoon- messy fun!

Y3JB have filled their golden coins tube so this afternoon the children had some reward time.

The children decided to make slime as their reward. We had lots and lots of fun trying different colours and adding glitter to our slime!

Weston Park- Ancient Egypt

This week Year 3 have visited Weston Park as part of our Ancient Egypt theme.

First, we had a look around the museum, exploring the old toys, a Bronze Age hut and looking at the different animals.

After lunch we took part in an Egyptian workshop, learning how people were mummified and why. A fantastic day was had by all.

Entering the tomb of Tutankhamun!

Today, Year 3 began their learning about Ancient Egypt. We found out about Howard Carter and how he discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. We then broke into an Egyptian tomb ourselves and became archaeologists! The children really enjoyed seeing what treasure they could discover and creating questions about what they want to find out this term about Ancient Egypt.

Y3JB’s naughty elf

The elf has been up to all kinds of mischief this year including wrapping toilet paper round our tree, eating our advent chocolate and giving himself pride points. But he was even naughtier this morning, have a peek at what he has been up to!